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Preparing for the SAT can be a daunting task for high school students. There are many resources whose quality varies, and this article will go through how to best use SAT resources to prepare. First, the best way to understand the SAT is to study with actual SATs. The more familiar you become with the unique structure and language of the SAT, the more your goal will be achievable. Students should attempt to take the SAT practice test in near-like testing conditions. It is important to time yourself according to the SAT time to get a feel of the pacing. Ideally, students should schedule a four-hour block of time to test and only take official breaks. However, if that is not possible, students should at least adhere to the time given for each subsection to gauge the number of minutes they can allot for each question. Using official tests for SAT practice questions also gives you a better prediction of your score and can help you determine what areas you need to focus on. Once you’ve taken a test, carefully review the questions you missed and the ones you guessed, analyzing why you got each one wrong and how the question is solved. After using the official SAT questions to establish a baseline, students can use other resources to target specific reading, grammar, and math skills. Many SAT prep workbooks with skills pages and hints can support your practice. Many online websites will also provide excellent resources. Remember to use an official SAT as a post-test to see your growth before taking the actual test!

June 21, 2022