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Praises from Satisfied Clients!

We have had a great experience with Soar. The tutoring has really helped my daughter improve in math and has also helped her confidence. They are very quick to respond when we contact them with any questions. Soar is very knowledgeable about our school district and knows what needs to be focused on. I would recommend Soar to everyone.

Randy L.

She is dedicated, reliable, professional, approachable and flexible. She has been my children’s tutor for 4 years and still is. I will recommend her for any child.

Philippa A.

Ms. Ragine is an amazing teacher and is very familiar with the Georgia Common Core Standards. Her years of experience is definitely reflected in your child’s learning. What I like most is that, she is very patient with the kids and uses several different learning platforms to help your child along the way and build in there learning. She doesn’t give up if they don’t understand, she breaks down each component of what they are learning so that the child can understand. I HIGHLY recommend her as each of my children have benefited and grown in there learning. Your child would benefit greatly with Ms. Ragine.

Niecy F.

My son was failing, Social Study, Math, writing. MS Ragine Hyppolite tutored him. He did great academically and meets and exceeds CRCT. I am so grateful. Two thumbs up MS Ragine! kudos! Thank you so much. =)

Wilnive B.

Ragine has tutored my 5th grader that on paper has an IEP, which is written off during school. Her skills, professionalism & knowledge has allowed my son to gain things he did not get in school & yet his tutoring assisted him so that he graduated. We continue tutoring services over the summer.

Tomeeka K.

I enjoyed the ACT tutoring course because I was given the same about of effort from my tutor, Mrs. Hypolite that I put into the lessons. She helped me increase my composite score by 4 points. We set a goal, and focused on each subject and where I needed to improve it. Our lessons were never rushed and I met each of my sub score goals successfully.                                

 Imoni E.

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